Electric cremation with Crematech

Crematorium PAX in The Hague has bought the first electric cremator from Crematech. On October 5th-2022 we installed our cremator on location. The Crematorium PAX is located at the st. Barbara cemetery. The Crematech Double End cremator has been designed to perform durable and energy efficient cremations. Our cremator accomodates the largest dimensions of coffins. Please click here for more information on our electric cremators.

crematech elektrische crematieoven - elektrisch cremeren

Installation of the electric cremator

Our cremator and the accessory filtration unit have been inserted in the building through the roof. In the coming weeks, the final installation details will be finished. When the crematorium opens her doors in May 2023, the cremator will be fully operational. If you are interested in electric cremation and would like to visit one of our projects, please contact us through this link.

The Crematech electric cremator is available as Double end or Single end version. Besides durable and energy efficient technology, Crematech offers a low maintenance and durable design for the cremator as well as the filtration unit.  Our filtration system enables the customer to easily withdraw heat from the cremation process if needed. If there is no need for heat extraction from the cremation, no additional dump coolers or energy is needed to be able to cremate.


We design all of our equipment with “Total cost of Ownership” in mind. Meaning we excel in terms of investment costs, operational costs and maintenance costs. Certainly in times of high inflation and increasing energy prices, our solutions are future proof to ensure sustainable cremations in the long run.

Besides the electric cremator and filtration unit, Crematech also supplies all necessary equipment for your crematorium. An ash processing unit, ash processing table and ash bucket storage, all designed to be able to perform your cremations in the most efficient way possible. Also the equipment to remove the ashes and remains out of the electric cremator are supplied by Crematech.

We are looking forward meeting you to discuss your project and explore what the best electric solution is for you.