When electric cremation is not an option for you, Crematech offers you the choice of a gas cremator. Fueled by natural gas, bio propane or hydrogen. We use our extensive experience with furnaces running on these fuels to develop and build efficient cremators. We apply newest burner technology and high-end insulation materials to make our cremators as energy efficient and wear-resistant as possible. Extra care is given to the furnace floor, normally the first part which requires maintenance due to the extensive use.

By applying innovative wear-resistance insulation materials, which we know by experience, we reduce your maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of your cremator. Furthermore you can expect the same ease of use for our fuel cremators as with the electric cremator.

The controls are, just as with the electric cremator, intutitive and user friendly. They ensure that the cremation process runs automatically and as efficient as possible. Which gives you the time to take care of other important matters.

elektrische crematieoven