Except an energy efficient cremator we also supply the necessary equipment for after the cremation process. We can help you with ash collectors, the ash processing table and an remains processing machine to process the ash before storing it.  This equipment is designed with the same philosophy: user friendly and efficient.

The ash that remains after the cremation is collected in the ash collector. You insert this collector into the cremator before the process starts. After collecting the ashes, you remove the ash collector and store it in the ash collector cabinet to let it cool down. After cooling down, the ash is processed on the ash processing table. We supply you with a magnet so you can remove all magnetic material from the ashes. The extraction of the ash processing table ensures a clean working environment during these activities.

Our ash processing machine, the cremulator, further refines the ash remains. The grid that is present in the machine collects any non-magnetic materials that are left behind.  In this way you ensure an effective parting of all substances and clean ashes will remain for the relatives.