Crematech designs, builds and installs cremation equipment. 

We have a clear philosophy: a Crematech cremator is energy efficient, user friendly and complies with the highest environmental regulations.

You can choose from an electric cremator, or a cremator heated with natural gas, bio propane or hydrogen.

Energy efficient

A Crematech cremator is built using high quality insulation materials. With these materials, in combination with our extensive experience in furnace building, we reduce the energy consumption of our cremator to an absolute minimum. Which each project we investigate if we can use the residual energy (heat) for the crematorium itself. Indirectly, by using a heat pump, or directly by adding the heat to the warm water of the heating system.  As a result the total energy consumption of the crematorium is further reduced. Furthermore we closely monitor the cremation process itself. With the aim of optimizing the length of time for each cremation.

energy efficient cremator
cremator controls

User friendly

Our cremator is equipped with a user friendly control system. At a glance the operator can see how the cremation process is developing and easy make adjustments if necessary. The control software itself ensures the most optimal conditions for the cremation process. Temperature, length of time, oxygen content and negative pressure, all is controlled automatically to make sure that the cremation process runs diligent and energy efficient.


A Crematech cremator naturally complies with all environmental requirements. The fumes that are released during the cremation process are being directed through the environmental chamber of the cremator before they are filtered. This chamber ensures that all combustible components within the fumes are being post-treated. As the environmental chamber is integrated in the cremator, the energy that is released with this post combustion is used directly for the cremation process itself. Thereby reducing the total energy consumption of the cremation. Which reflects our philosophy.

After the environmental chamber, the fumes are directed through our efficiënt filtration system. In this final treatment of the fumes all unwanted particles are being filtered and deposited. Thereafter the clean air leaves the crematorium through the chimney.

crematech filterinstallation
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