Crematech – cremation equipment

Crematech develops and produces innovative electric cremators. Because we believe that electric cremation is the future.

Crematech arises from Blaauw Products. A furnace builder with more than 45 years of experience in high temperature furnaces. From this legacy we gain our knowledge on furnace design, energy consumption and automation. We apply this knowledge in our electric cremators.  With our main goal in mind: to make them as efficient and user friendly as possible.

Besides the electric cremator, cremators on hydrogen or bio propane also have our attention. And of course, if you wish we also build a natural gas cremator for you. Designed for the lowest energy consumption possible and fully automated. The choice is yours.

For our projects we cooperate with dedicated partners. Partners which excel in their field of expertise. As an example, MEA Techniek develops and supplies our filtration system for our electric cremator. To comply with all environmental regulations. This filtration system is an example of simplicity and efficiency. Resulting in minimizing the operational costs for the user.

Curious about our story and the electrical cremators we develop and produce?

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