Are you looking for a top quality electric cremator? Crematech is at your service

Would you like to purchase a high-quality cremator for your crematorium? You can count on Crematech’s knowledge and experience. We specialise in designing, building and installing electric cremators. Our cremators are energy efficient, user-friendly and meet all environmental requirements. An electric cremator offers many different advantages. Became curious? We would like to tell you more.

The advantages of an electric cremator

An electric cremator has many different advantages. For example, you can save a lot of money. Gas prices are very high nowadays, so a gas-fired cremator is not the most economical choice. That is why we will always recommend an electric cremator. When you choose electric cremation, you make an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. Gas is a fossil fuel, making an electric cremator the better choice. In addition, our electric cremators can be heated faster and more flexibly than other ones. This is due to the electric heating elements and power heaters. Are you convinced already?

Buy an electric cremator

Crematech specialises in the design and construction of electric cremation ovens. Our cremators meet all environmental requirements and are equipped with powerful electric heating elements. The electric cremator is equipped with a smart and advanced operating system. As a result, the cremation runs perfectly and you can check and adjust it when necessary. The system is easy to use and also ensures that as little energy as possible is used. The released gases are purified by the built-in filter system before they leave the electric cremator. Everything has been thought of, so you can focus on the dignified farewell that matters.

Crematech is at your service

Do you want to buy an electric cremator? Crematech is at your service with extensive support. You can count on our help and support during and after the purchase. We provide your employees with thorough training and support you with the first cremations. We can always monitor the cremator remotely thanks to the advanced software. As a result, we can support you directly in the event of malfunctions or repairs. Do you have questions or interest? Feel free to contact us. Our employees are happy to assist you.